Probably the most difficult work – is interpretation. At first glance it seems that work of an interpreter is simple, but in fact — that`s very much not the case. For the purpose of correct translation one must possess not only the knowledge of a foreign language, but also a great life experience, knowledge of many areas of society and so on. Preparation for a particular job has a great significance, since each meeting, symposium or seminar is unique and inimitable.

How do we define the cost of interpretation

  • The extent of interpretation services is rated by the hour. The charging system implies minimum order of two hours.
  • When using the interpreter services in the field, the day of departure and arrival are considered as one extra working day. In this case, all transport costs as well as living expenses, food are paid by the customer.
  • The customer pays for residence time of the interpreter from the arrival to the company until the end of the interpretation (including lunch breaks, coffee breaks, etc.).
  • The order of interpretation is accepted in advance (at least 1 day).

Required information from a customer

The performance of the interpreter at the event depends on their prior preparation, therefore it is necessary to ensure interpreters with thematic material (program, reports, theses, presentations, etc.) in advance.

Company Interpreters perform consecutive translation at:

business negotiations, tours, receptions, presentations, seminars, exhibitions, court session, meeting at the airport and escort to a hotel, round tables.
You can be sure of professional behaviour of our interpreters and their compliance with business etiquette.

You can order interpretation on the phone and on our website!