Written translation

We translate almost everything from birth certificates to documents with complex terminology and structure. Regarding communication – anywhere and anything, from phone calls to high-level meetings. Our experience allows us to make a qualitative and intuitive text translation.

The translators database of our office includes a large number of certified professionals, as well as native speakers living in the territory of Ukraine. Our experts have linguistic education and extensive experience in translations of any subject.

We offer:

  • Translation of various educational documents.
  • Translation of technical documentation: description of the instruments, mechanisms, operating instructions, manuals, labels, etc.
  • Translation of legal and financial documentation: regulations, business plans, charters, certificates, statutory documents, contracts, agreements, minutes, extracts from the judicial/trade and other registers, reports, audit reports, etc.
  • Translation of commercial, business documents and personal correspondence: declarations, powers of attorney, certificates, minutes, agreements, contracts, etc.
  • Translation of personal documents: passports, certificates, extracts, statements etc.
  • Translation of medical documentation: certificates, statements, medical records, instructions to the drugs/equipment, recipes, etc.
  • Translation of sites: content localization, website support.
  • Adjustment and text editing.

How do we define the cost of translation?

  • The unit of translation volume is A4 page (1860 characters, including spaces and punctuation). A source text is a basis for preliminary, indicative calculation of workload and final calculation is made on a finished translation.
  • Minimum order of translation – one standard A4 page.
  • For urgent orders, the translation price is increased by 1.5 – 2 times (depending on timing of implementation, complexity of a text, translation workload).

Information required from a customer

In order to ensure high quality translation, we need the following information relating to the source text, which only you can provide:

  • peculiarities of spelling of names and names of organizations mentioned in a source text;
  • decryption abbreviations in a document that are not conventional;
  • presence of internal corporate terminology;
  • availability of reference materials that can help the translator with the translation;
  • area of activity in which the translation will be used, and the ultimate goal of using it;
  • other features which may affect the quality and accuracy of the translation.

You can order translation on the phone and on our website!