Language Written translation, UAH Interpretation, UAH
for 1 standard document* for 1 page of general terminology** for 1 page of specified terminology*** for 1 hour, (minimum order -2 hours)
Azerbaijani100120140As agreed
Arabic140160180As agreed
Armenian100120140As agreed
Belarusian90100120As agreed
Bulgarian100120130As agreed
Catalan120140160As agreed
Chinese120140160As agreed
Croatian90100120As agreed
Czech100110120As agreed
Danish120140160As agreed
Dari140160180As agreed
Dutch120140160As agreed
Estonian120140160As agreed
Georgian120140160As agreed
Greek (Modern Greek)90100120As agreed
Hebrew120140160As agreed
Hindi170190210As agreed
Hungarian140160180As agreed
Indonesian200220250As agreed
Japanese120140160As agreed
Kazakh150170200As agreed
Kirghiz150170200As agreed
Korean150170200As agreed
Latin100110120As agreed
Latvian100120140As agreed
Lithuanian120140160As agreed
Macedonian150170200As agreed
Norwegian140170200As agreed
Pashto140160180As agreed
Persian (Farsi)140160180As agreed
Polish100110120As agreed
Portuguese100120140As agreed
Romanian (Moldavian)100110120As agreed
Serbian90100120As agreed
Slovenian90100120As agreed
Slovak90100120As agreed
Suomi120140160As agreed
Swedish140170200As agreed
Tajik150170200As agreed
Thai200250250As agreed
Turkish100120140As agreed
Turkmen150170200As agreed
Urdu140160180As agreed
Uzbek150170200As agreed
Vietnamese130150170As agreed
The unit of translation volume is A4 page (1860 characters, including spaces and punctuation). A final calculation is made on a finished translation!

* – standard documents: certificates (of birth, death, marriage, divorce, change of surname/name/patronymic); certificates (of no criminal records, employment, education, bank statement etc.); passports (national and foreign); driving licences; secondary school certificates, diplomas (without transcripts)
** – texts of general terminology: business correspondence, personal letters
*** – texts of specified terminology:
Legal, economical texts (articles of associations, agreements (of any nature), notarial instruments, minutes, extract from judicial/trade and other registers.
Medical texts (instructions to the drugs/equipment, recipes, medical records).
Technical texts (description of the instruments, mechanisms, operating instructions, manuals etc.).
As well as fine literature, transcripts, special publicist writings (articles concerning the specific themes).

The unit of translation volume is A4 page (1860 characters, including spaces and punctuation). A final calculation is made on a finished translation.
We use the flexible pricing policy and offer discount system for our regular customers as well as for new customers when they make their first order.
We exert every effort to fix the price before we start to translate. To fix the exact price we need you provide the text in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat (converted into Word). In case the original document is presented in paper form, as a scanned image, on audio-, video media, our managers, as a manner of experience, will estimate the volume of translation to the maximum to let you consider the cost of the translation on the preliminary stage.
Translation Agency “TERRA LINGUA” offers to produce a small test translation (within 1860 printed characters) and you will assure of expert knowledge and quality of our services.

Completion period
(working day)
Price, UAH
Copy notary certification
50 грн.
Translation notary certification
80 грн.
Copy and translation notary certification
100 грн.
Incorporation documents notary certification
100 + 10/page
Translation certification with the Translation Agency’s seal
included into translation price