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How much is a technical translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into English?


How much is a technical translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into English? Technical documents can not contain any errors, because their purpose is to be used in a variety of areas that are somehow connected with the spread of accurate values and numbers. Technical translation of high quality can be used for work or even at production, because all the meanings given in the text are unmistakable.

Should you require technical translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into English, please note the following recommendations:

Cooperate only with translators who have experience working with technical documents and are fluent in technical terms (both in Ukrainian (Russian) and English)

Study the examples of similar documents and, where possible, check with the recommendations of other customers

Translation of a text from Ukrainian (Russian) into English can be done in a few hours or a few days or weeks. The duration of translator’s work depends on customer requirements and the scope of provided information.

The cost of translation. What does it depend on?

There are several important factors:

  • Text wordage
  • Difficulty of technical terminology
  • Requirements
  • Deadline

If you order an urgent translation, translation cost may increase. For example, translation for 1 day. You should negotiate the cost with the contractor in advance.

Technical translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into English shall be done in the correct style. In addition, the translation shall be checked by proofreader or editor for any stylistic, spelling and punctuation errors. High-quality technical translation is usually worth more than the translation of literary or informational texts.

Also translation cost is calculated by the number of characters, and pages. After providing an outgoing document, you get some recommendations and the calculation of the cost of a complete work from the translator. A minimum order is one page without limitation. If necessary, further editing can cost extra.

Choose only translators with experience who will make really high-quality technical translation from Ukrainian (Russian) into English, and you will be completely satisfied with the result.